Thursday, September 14, 2006

In the Beginning...

Today I was looking at the man I married and his little baby and thought. We both have changed so much from the first day we met.

We were students at Bob Jones University in 1999. I was a junior and Chuk (as he was known then) was a sophomore. He was studying Creative Writing and I was an Elementary Education major. My roommate and his best friend were friends. His friend Thad called my roommate frequently and she constantly told him to "just shut up". A few days later he called to talk to her again and I answered the phone. I asked Thad, "Are you the guy Oriana says 'shut up' to?" He acknowledged that he was. We began talking and he asked me if I had a boyfriend. I didn't. He mentioned that he had someone right here for me. (Chuk happened to walk into the room then.) I thought, "Sure, I'll meet his friend." Thad handed the phone over to Chuk and told Chuk he was to ask this girl on the phone to lunch. Chuk didn't know what was going on. Poor guy. He didn't want to be rude so he asked me to lunch. We met in front of the cafeteria there at school. He thought my family was strange and I thought good looks were wasted on a boring guy. A few days later Chuk asked me to dinner again since he thought it was rude to ask a girl out once then drop her. I agreed. While he was walking to the dining hall I was hastily walking the opposite direction. I saw him and said, "I forgot to go to work and it's all your fault." Chuk thought that if I had the nerve to say that to him, I might be someone worth seeing again.

That's how it all began. Now I've been married four years and have a seven week old baby. Where has the time gone!