Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Our First Date and a Few Pictures

One of these days Martha, Martha! will get around to blogging. Until she does, you're stuck with me.

Yesterday Martha, Martha! and I went on our first alone date since St. James' birth. We drove to Adrian and ate lunch at Red Lobster, then stopped by the Adrian Mall (all twenty stores of it) and picked up a couple of candles for family gifts. After lunch and the mall we traveled back to Hillsdale for ice cream and a round of mini golf.

Rumor has it St. James didn't cry once while we were gone.


Anonymous said...

Is St. James already giving ya'll an attitude? --St. Jame's Favorite Uncle Brian

Anonymous said...

Not usually...although he has grown into his lungs and once in a while lets us know it.

Martha, Martha! said...

St. James gave St. Charles and me an attitude last Sunday. Hopefully he will do much better tomorrow. I hate being one of those mothers who let their children disrupt the service. I was hoping to have a perfect church record with St. James.