Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Prodigal Brother Returns

Finally, a post from Martha, Martha!

Yesterday was an exciting day for the Blondke family . We rented a 15 passenger van and headed for the Detroit Metro Airport. My brother was coming home after being away for four years. My mother, father, sister Sarah, her husband Tim, and their two children Levi and Ethan, my sister Rebekah, St. Charles and St. James and I squeezed into the van and headed out. We eagerly anticipated the arrival of my brother John's flight coming in from the Philippines. I was not just getting to see my brother again, but I was about to meet his wife and 18 month old baby for the first time. Once the hugs and "welcome to America"'s were said I got even more good news. My sister-in-law is three months pregnant! I get to be an Aunt again.

My sister-in-law, Fahreeda, is a native to the Philippines. She met my brother while he was working at a church. They got married 2 and a half years ago and she finally got her passport to come to the States. She has never ridden in a van, seen a field of corn, or sat in a lazy boy chair till yesterday. Today my brother was showing her how to drive. Yikes! He hasn't even driven in 4 years.

Needless to say, my mother is very excited to have all 8 of her children close to her again.

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Flower Child said...

Welcome to America Fahreeda. Congratulations to John and Fahreeda. Although I have never met you I appreciate learning of you from Martha's Blog.

Great news to share, Martha, Martha.

Glad things are proceeding so well for you all.

Have a Blessed Day.