Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Few Firsts

Here are a few pictures that will make it into the scrapbook.
St. James' first night in his new crib in his own room.
He didn't do so well the first night, but he's getting better. Mommy missed him for a while, but she's finally sleeping through the night too.

St. James' first ice storm.St. James' first "walk" in the snow.

St. James' first jar of baby food. Sweet potatotes and corn.
"Yum, Yum" but I think Mommy needs a little practice too.
St. James' first graham cracker.
St. James feeding himself his first graham cracker.
"Come on, do I really need a bib?"
St. James' first bath in the "big bath tub."
That sink was getting way too small."St. James, what do you think about girls?"


Anonymous said...

Glad that he has the right opinion of girls. Looks like he's rather worried that momma might try to give him more of those sweet taters. -- Popeye

Flower Child said...

As always a great series of photos.

Jan said...

Love that St. James! He is soooo cute. Wish I could hug him. As always, love the photos and the captions too. I am really glad that Mama Martha is finally sleeping through the night too :)
Stay warm and take care. It's really cold here in the south for us "native" southerners.
Love you guys. Mrs. Flower Child