Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A St. James Update

St. James is seven weeks old today and is growing quickly. He has already conquered a few milestones. He has rolled over, made it eight hours one night without waking up, is much more alert, and is so much cuter than the blob I brought home. (However, I wish he would give me more of those eight hour nights. Maybe I'll get one tonight. That is still my hope.)

My little boy is easy to please. He still hardly ever cries, loves his baths, is appeased with a pacifier, and is contented to sit in his swing. I will enjoy these times when simple swings, pacifiers, and baths keep my boy happy and pleased.

St. James loves his daddy. Sometimes I think that he is already daddy's boy. St. Charles has read liturgy to him, sang the Te Deum and hymns, quoted the Lord's Prayer and Apostles Creed, and read the Pokey Little Puppy with St. James on his lap. Once St. Charles had the honor of leading a worship service on Sunday, St. James was only 2 and a half weeks old and he stayed wide-eyed awake throughout the entire service. At seven weeks he is already awake much more than he is asleep. As a first time mother, I am still amazed at how fast these little ones grow and how much more you love them every day.


Flower Child said...

I would recommend that Saint Charles commence Sex Education for Saint James at an early age also. Then when Saint James is ready for it, Saint Charles will be able to speak correctly and without embarrassment. I know it works because that is what I did so many years ago.

Jan said...

Martha, Martha

Youv'e had a haircut since I last saw you. Great photo of you and St. James. Enjoy every minute you have with that little boy. He will grow up way too fast. Looking forward to your visit in December.